Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check-Up Number 1

Okay, so today I went in for my post-op surgery to see how my incisions looked and to get the go ahead to move from Liquid Diet (BLAH!) to Soft Foods (YEAH!!). To my surprise I've lost 14 lbs in the two weeks that I started all of this dieting for the surgery. On another note, I've moved from the Morbid Obesity (I don't like the way they measure this) to the Severe Obesity. That's a big thing considering the Severe Obesity Category isn't very large and then you move to the Overweight Category. I'm having an issue taking in even the softest of foods because my stomach is still very sore and it's uncomfortable when the food finally makes it's way through the band and into the stomach to digest. Sugar-Free Jello Pudding seems to be the only thing that will go down smoothly and feel fine. I made Sam some Chicken Flourentine for Dinner and had a small spoonful of the noodles and spinach and two bites later, I was spent. We'll see if that settles.

I found out that the name of my band is the Lap-Band AP Standard. The silicone ring holds about 12cc of saline, which is not full yet. I go in 5 weeks to get a fill for more restriction because eventually the swelling from my stomach will work itself back to normal. I'm just super excited.

So: 3 weeks of soft foods
Then: 2 weeks of normal foods
Then: First fill at 6 weeks Post-Op

Current Weight: 249 lbs
Weight Lost So Far: 14 lbs

Here I go....

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